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Methodology: What Is A CE Product?

As defined by the Consumer Technology Association, here is a breakdown of what constitutes a consumer electronics product and what was included in the Top 100’s sales totals:

Accessories: batteries, cables, headphones, screen cleaners, wearables

Audio products: wired and wireless speakers and soundbars, receivers, CD players (home and portable), home theater in a box, pocket and portable radios, boomboxes, MP3 players, docking stations, distributed audio products, mini stereos, clock radios, headphones, blank recordable audio media

Car electronics: Speakers, in-dash radio/audio/video receivers, amps, satellite radios, radar detectors, alarms, GPS, mobile TVs, video monitors, backup/night vision camera kits, DVD/Blu-ray Disc players, CB radios

Communications products: corded and cordless phones, answering machines, fax machines, cellphones and smartphones, PDAs, CB radios

Video products: Blu-ray Disc and DVD players (home and portable), cameras, camcorders, DVD recorders, hard-disk recorders, satellite TV dishes and systems, TVs and TV/VCRs/DVD/Blu-ray combos, blank recordable video media, video game consoles, video games, digital media players, virtual reality systems

Information technology: Cellphones, desktop/notebook/netbook/tablet PCs, e-readers, external drives, flash media, monitors, networking products, optical drives, printers, software, tablets, accessory hardware (cards, hard drives, keyboards, mice, memory, desktop speakers, etc.), home automation.

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