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Zepp Adds To Softball Content

San Francisco –– Zepp continues to add resources to the Coaches Center library of coaching content for the Zepp Baseball-Softball app and swing sensor.

Now contributing tips, drills, challenges and practice plans are three renowned softball experts: Natasha Watley, Heather Tarr and Tim Walton.

Watley is a two-time Olympian with the U.S. National team. Tarr is the longtime coach at the University of Washington, and Walton is the coach at the University of Florida. They join current Zepp softball pros Jennie Finch and Sue Enquist.

In the Zepp Baseball-Softball app, the user can now choose softball as the primary sport and assign goals for both fast-pitch and slow-pitch. In addition to the instant feedback provided by the Zepp swing sensor, users will receive weekly assessment reports with customized recommendations based on practice sessions. The new Softball Training Center hosts a variety of video content including tips and drills from the pros.

“We recognized the need for additional softball support by listening to our users, and we’re committed to delivering a unique experience and a competitive edge to softball players and coaches everywhere,” Zepp CEO Jason Fass told TWICE. “We learned a lot from our partners through this process, and we’re excited to show our updated Baseball-Softball sensor kit and training content.” 

The updated app is available now, free.