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Zepp Updates Tennis App, Adds Pro Raonic

LOS GATOS, CALIF. — Zepp Labs recently rolled out the updated app for Zepp Tennis and added tennis pro Milos Raonic to its roster of world-class athlete partners.

The Zepp Tennis 2.0 app works with any Zepp sensor and allows tennis players and coaches to analyze serves in 3D and track their match play on any iOS or Android device.

The app delivers analysis from a practice session or match so players can focus on and measure three main areas of play: intensity, consistency and power.

The intensity score breaks down total active and inactive time during a match, and how many shots are taken. The consistency score identifies strengths and weaknesses and measures how often players are hitting the sweet spot with their forehand, backhand and serve. The power score captures racquet speed for every shot and serve and provides feedback on ball spin.

Power and consistency metrics break down each shot by forehand, backhand, topspin, flat and slice.

In-app training videos are included for guided improvement. The videos include content from Raonic, currently ranked No. 4 worldwide on the ATP Tour, and drills from other top tennis professionals.

Raonic is a Canadian tennis pro regarded as one of the best servers on tour. Notably, in 2014, Raonic became the first player from his country to end a season in the top 10 after winning a personal-best 40 matches and capturing a sixth career title. He was also the first player born in the 1990s to qualify for Barclays ATP World Tour Finals.

“Zepp is providing data for some of the most important aspects of the game, like power, consistency, and other areas I focus on every day in practice. Having data that connects what you’re feeling to what’s actually happening will help players at all levels improve faster,” said Raonic.

Additional features include the ability to overlay and compare two serves, compare a serve to a tennis pro or coach, view the serve history and track trends and performance over time. Users can also choose between 3D Serve Practice and Play Tracking, the former offering 3D serve analysis only and the latter providing the ability to track and aggregate swing data about the user’s forehand, backhand and serve during a practice session or a match.

The Zepp multi-sport sensor is available at Apple stores, most Best Buy and Verizon stores, and for $149. It also works for golf, baseball and softball using the Zepp Golf and Zepp Baseball/Softball apps.

The app is available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play.