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Zenovia Multiroom System Combines Wireless, Installed Speakers

Rockledge, Fla. — Roswell Global is expanding from the marine-audio market into installed multiroom audio with the launch of a system that combines wireless Apple AirPlay with in-ceiling and in-wall speakers.

Through Zenovia Electronics, a startup that it founded, Roswell company is making its AirHome system available to consumers, systems integrators, renovators and home builders at

The system consists of the $699 AirHome 5 wired hub, which can be installed on the wall of a utility room. To drive wired speakers in the walls or ceilings in up to five rooms, consumers or installers insert up to five $350-each AMP40 stereo amplifier modules into front-panel slots. The amps incorporate WI-Fi and AirPlay. They are rated at 2×20 watts into 8 ohms and measure 2 inches by 2.5 inches by 4.63 inches. A $440 AMP 5.1S five-channel module delivers surround sound to a room if the room is equipped with Apple TV. That amp is rated at 3×20 watts plus 2×7.5 watts into 8 ohms.

To direct music to up to five rooms at a time, consumers use the AirPlay feature of their Apple mobile device or an iTunes-equipped computer to send music to the AirHome 5 hub. Consumers can play a song in up to five rooms simultaneously from an iTunes-equipped computer using an Apple device as a remote control.

Because each amp module incorporates AirPlay, up to five different Apple mobile devices can be connected wirelessly to the hub, enabling each device to send music simultaneously to a different room from the devices’ music libraries or music apps.

Zenovia CEO and founder Logan Jacobs, who also invented the system, said sound quality would be superior to that of wireless multiroom-audio systems that use powered tabletop speakers, but AirHome won’t cost nearly as much as traditional custom-installed systems.

“You don’t want a house full of boomboxes – and you also don’t want a closet full of complex components and your own custom IT guy on speed dial,” said Jacobs, who was the co-founder and former bass player of alternative rock band Social Code.