Wink Gets A Nod From Flex

Flex to buy company following recent Chapter 11 filing by Wink parent Quirky
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Wink endcap in Target

Flex, formerly Flextronics, will buy DIY home-automation supplier Wink from startup incubator Quirky, which recently filed for Chapter 11.

The acquisition is expected to close this month.

“Upon completion of the acquisition, they [Wink] will continue to sell under Wink’s brand,” a spokesperson told TWICE.

Flex supplies design, manufacturing, distribution, and real-time supply-chain services to companies, including electronics companies. It was Wink’s primary supplier of firmware and hardware,  including the Wink Hub, which includes IP developed within Flex.

After the acquisition, Wink will remain a separate corporation with its own management structure for day-to-day activities and operations, Flex said. Flex will also look to “leverage Wink's platform and provide current and future Flex customers with improved connectivity,” the company added.

The Flex acquisition will “ improve our ability to design and build devices with integrated connected intelligence for our customers while providing optional access to a very powerful, intelligent, brand-agnostic and open cloud-based home automation platform," said Sumir Kapur, Flex SVP of the consumer technology group.

For his part, Wink founder and CTO Nathan Smith said the acquisition will provide “the ability to further collaborate and leverage [Flex’s] expertise and scale” to help Wink “achieve our mission of making the smart home accessible to everyone."


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