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Redmond, Wash. -- Microsoft yesterday announced the new Windows Millennium (Me) operating system will go on sale for $59.95, about $30 less than previous incarnations of Windows.

Starting Sept. 14, when the latest upgrade of Windows is expected to ship, until January 15, Microsoft will offer the upgrade package with a suggested retail price of $59.95. When the promotion expires the upgrade will cost $109 and the full product, for consumers without Windows 98 or Windows 98 Second Edition, will carry a $209 suggested retail price.

Millennium is a departure from the company's past operating systems on several levels. It recognizes the popular types of home-networking systems, such as telephone line and wireless, and includes an onscreen wizard to assist in the installation of a network.

Millennium also features what Microsoft calls Universal Plug and Play for upcoming home-automation networks that would allow consumers to control their appliances and home-related systems through the PC. Enhanced digital camera and video editing capabilities are included, as well as an improved Windows Media Player.


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