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Xplora’s X6Play Smartwatch For Kids Encourages Staying Active And Gives Parents Peace Of Mind

With the X6Play, parents are always in control while kids are rewarded for staying active

Xplora is continuing to bridge the generation gap with the latest product in their line of wearables for kids, the X6Play smartwatch. Developed with the company’s vision of responsible technology use for children, the 2023 CES Best of Innovation recipient packs in features to make both kids and parents happy. Not only are there security features in place to avoid any unwanted or inappropriate use of the wearable, Xplora’s latest product encourages kids to be active and enjoy a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Safe onboarding to the digital world

While the XP6Play comes shipped with a SIM card for network connectivity, the smartwatch doesn’t support internet browsing, resulting in a wearable that parents can have peace of mind over. Furthermore, game apps are a no-go on the X6Play, so there’s no need to worry about distractions or lengthy stretches of time spent gaming. Like the company’s other watches, the X6Play is set up and managed with the Xplora app, meaning parents are always in control. Not only is the watch’s current location always easily monitored on the app, but kids can only communicate with contacts parents have approved on the app. Additional functions, like setting alarms, school mode, safety zones, and more, are all controlled via the app.


Keeping in line with Xplora’s philosophy that kids should be encouraged to stay active, the company’s watches feature a unique reward system. For every 1,000 steps they take, kids will receive 1 Xplora coin. These coins are a valuable currency, as they can be used in the Goplay platform to access games and activities, or even be donated to charitable causes. What’s more, Xplora has teamed up with major media companies like Paramount, Netflix, and Warner Bros to run campaigns to encourage kids to stay active. Kids can even win prizes by climbing the leaderboard in limited-time competitions.

Technical Features

The X6Play features a 1.2 Ghz processor, 8GB of memory, and a 5MP camera, while a Qualcomm 2500 chipset strengthens the watch’s battery life. All this is packed into a sleeker, slimmer form factor than previous models. The display measures 1.52” TFT at 360 x 400 full-color resolution, and the watch is IP68 rated for dust and water resistance.

Pricing and customization

The X6Play is currently available, priced at $169.99. Additionally, a service plan is required for network connectivity. There are currently three service plans available, with a pay-as-you-go plan as the more expensive monthly option at $11.99 a month, with the cheapest-per-month plan being $7.99 a month for 24 months.

A charger and quick-start guide are included with purchase, as are two extra pink and lime green watch frames and loops. Additionally, extra colors of straps, frames, and loops are available, and kids are encouraged to mix and match to find a combination that best fits their personality.

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