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HearUSA Makes Sony OTC Hearing Aids Available In Their Online Hearing Shop

The addition of the Sony Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids to the Hearing Shop online store compliments in-store Hearing Care Professional consultations – expanding accessibility of leading hearing care solutions to a larger client-base than ever before.

To help make hearing care solutions accessible to more clients, HearUSA has announced that Sony Over-the-Counter (OTC) hearing aids will be available online at the company’s Hearing Shop. Sony OTC hearing aids will also be available at all HearUSA centers nationwide, in support of the company’s goal to introducing one million more people with hearing loss to the “Sound of the New Age.”

The two Sony OTC models now available online at the Hearing Shop – the Sony CRE-C10 and the CRE-E10 – blend comfort and technology to reconnect clients with mild to moderate hearing loss to what matters most.

“More than half of US counties lack access to adequate hearing care services – and the greatest disparity exists within counties with lower household incomes and older populations, those in the most need,” stated HearUSA President James Gilchrist. “HearUSA is committed to changing this paradigm by impacting one million more lives over the next five years. To do so, we must continue to lead the industry in expanding access to hearing care services across the US – through multiple initiatives, beginning by introducing Sony OTC solutions to our online Hearing Shop, where they’ll be accessible from one’s home and across the country.”

According to Gilchrist, while certain clients require a prescription hearing aid, others can experience the life changing benefits of better hearing with an over-the-counter solution. Some clients will benefit from purchasing their hearing aids in a HearUSA center through consultation with a HearUSA Hearing Care Professional, while others can take a hearing screening and purchase directly online through the Hearing Shop.
“Sony OTC hearing aids broke new ground for the industry, by delivering clients a premium hearing device at a lower price point than ever before,” continued Gilchrist. “As the country’s leading hearing care provider, we must now ensure that these devices are accessible to everyone, everywhere, regardless of where they live in the U.S. The addition of Sony OTC to our Hearing Shop is a critical step in driving this accessibility, but it’s only the start. We look forward to continuing to develop the programs, platforms, and partnerships required to ensure that those in need of hearing health have access to it.”

The Hearing Shop, powered by HearUSA, is a leading eCommerce site that offers a range of hearing care solutions, as well as adaptive and assistive hearing products as part of HearUSA’s commitment to provide all clients with the highest quality hearing care for everyday life situations.

Featured products include Sony’s OTC hearing aids; hearing aid add-ons and accessories; storage and dehumidifying solutions; batteries; cleaning products; alarms and signalers; telephones; headphones and ear plugs; tinnitus maskers; and listening systems. More information and solutions can be found at


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