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Wall-Mount Systems, DVD-Receivers And HTiBs Due From JVC

JVC’s first component DVD-receiver, wall-mountable audio systems, and microsystem with CD-recorder will join an expanded selection of DVD-equipped HTiB systems in the 2002 model year.

One of the DVD-equipped HTiBs is the company’s first with DVD-Audio, and one of the two single-disc DVD-receivers also features DVD-Audio.

The DVD-A/V receiver is the RX-DV5SL at a suggested retail of $550. Its DVD-Video counterpart, the RX-DV3SL, retails for a suggested $450. They ship in September and July, respectively.

Both DVD-receivers also feature MP3-CD playback, 5.1-channel Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, Dolby Pro Logic II, 5×100-watt amp, progressive-scan output, and integrated on-screen display for receiver and DVD functions. Both come with multibrand remotes, the former with LCD remote.

Three new DVD-equipped HTiBs are built around separate Dolby Digital/ DTS 5.1-channel receivers and separate DVD players at suggested retails of $550, $660, and $770. The first two are due in May, the third in June. JVC previously offered one HTiB with separate receiver DVD player.

The $770 model is the company’s first HTiB with DVD changer (a seven-disc carousel) and also its first with DVD-Audio.

All three HTiBs feature MP3-CD playback, Dolby Pro Logic II, and 500-watt receivers. The top two add progressive output. The opening-price model comes with a 100-watt, 8-inch powered sub and single-cone satellites. The other two come with 10-inch, 120-watt powered sub, two-way front speakers, and single-cone surrounds.

The company is carrying over two DVD HTiBs that integrate DVD and all electronics into a small console, with all system amplification outboarded in the subwoofer enclosure.

Four new Freestyle single-disc audio systems at $380, $450, $770, and $1,100 offer three set-up options: vertical tabletop, horizontal tabletop, and wall-mount (including wall-mountable speakers). For vertical and wall-mount use, the motorized front-panel display pops up at an angle for easier viewing.

The opening-price Freestyle system, due March, features 2×19-watt amp, wood-grain speakers, blue CD illumination, clock timer, and remote. The $450 step-up, also due March, adds two-color CD illumination and cylindrical speakers. The $770 step-up, due April, adds 60-watt powered sub and thinner cylindrical speakers.

The top-end Freestyle system, the TH-V70, is equipped with integrated progressive-output DVD player, MP3-CD playback, five speakers, powered sub, multibrand remote, and total output of 290 watts. It ships in April.

Three new receivers start at $220 for a 5×100-watt DD/DTS/DPL II model, $330 for a model adding more digital inputs/outputs, S-video and component-video switching, and an LCD multibrand remote. The $450 model adds Dolby Digital EX, DTS ES, DTS Neo: 6, DPL II, on-screen display, more S-video ins/outs, USB audio input, and high-current amp.

Last year, ES and EX decoding started at $1,100 for a THX Select-certified receiver that remains in the line, along with a $1,700 THX Ultra-certified receiver.

The company’s first seven-disc component CD changer costs $170 with remote.

The newest component CD-recorder is the company’s first with MP3-CD playback. The $450 XL-R5020BK is a 4x dubbing speed, 3+1 recorder with one-touch recording. It’s due June.

The NX-CDR7 CD-recorder-equipped microsystem at $770 features 4x dubbing 3+1 recorder, 2×25-watt amp, two-way speakers, and aluminum front panel. It shipped in December.

In portable audio, the company is launching its first MP3-CD boombox and expanding its headphone MP3-CD selection to two from one. One of the headphone models, the XL-PM30, is the company’s first with MP3/ Windows Media Audio playback. The $140 PM30, due July, features 3-line scrolling text display, 140-second antishock memory buffer when playing MP3 files, and 40-hour playback when simultaneously using two internal AA rechargeables and an add-on battery pack holding two AA alkalines.

The $100 PM20, due May, plays MP3 files and features 120-second MP3 buffer.

The MP3-CD boombox features three-way speakers and remote at $150. It’s due in June.

Two new minisystems at $330 and $450 feature aggressive youth-oriented styling. The step-up adds MP3-CD playback.

As previously announced, the $699 hard-drive-equipped NX-HD10 shelf system is a 23watts-per-channel shelf system with 10GB hard drive that stores 15 hours of songs in PCM, 160 hours in 128kbps AAC, and 220 hours in 96kbps AAC. It ships in June.

It includes an AM/FM radio with an auto tuner that can record up to 30 minutes; a Windows keyboard is optional. Track info must be input manually, and the CD drive doesn’t read CD-RW or MP3 encoded discs. It comes with two-way speakers