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Vuzix Next-Gen Smart Glasses Poised For Nov. Shipments

Vuzix said it will begin shipping its next-generation augmented reality smart glasses, the Vuzix M300, this month.

The M300 is in the final stages of regulatory testing and approval and the company said the testing labs will have completed the EU testing and filings by Nov. 18, with U.S. testing and filings expected to be within the week afterwards. As soon as filings have been made for a given geographical area, commercial volume shipments can commence, which should occur before the end of November in all major markets.

More than 50 Vuzix industrial partners have been developing applications in preparation for the rollout.

The Vuzix M300’s ergonomic design is targeted to enterprise users.

Vuzix VIP Partners who have been working with pre-production M300 devices have their applications ready for immediate deployment on the M300, and make up the majority of M300 preorders to serve their existing client base. Along with the VIP demand, hundreds of M100 to M300 migration packages and direct M300 pre-orders have been placed. Vuzix will soon unveil a pre-order program for the full public production launch. This will be closely followed by the rollout of M300 accessories, SDK program, and developer programs to round out the product launch.