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Voxx Inks Exclusive Deal To Expand ADAS Selection

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Voxx Electronics plans to expand its selection of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) through a distribution agreement with Guangdong Steelmate Security.

Steelmate will supply its full line of collision avoidance and other automotive accessories on an exclusive basis to Voxx’s automotive brands. Voxx will also have an option to distribute select products under the Steelmate brand “should marketing needs or channel management dictate it,” Voxx said.

Voxx Electronics president Tom Malone said the agreement will “allow us to bring additional products into our newly introduced advanced driver-assistance system line, giving our retail partners additional profit opportunities and satisfying the consumer’s desire for safety products.”

Earlier this year, Voxx began shipping its first two backup cameras with wide-angle view at a suggested $349 and $199 and an upgraded navigation-equipped universal rearview mirror at $499. At the time, the company said it would expand its ADAS selection with its first event recorders, lane-departure warning systems, blind-spot detection systems and forward-crash warning systems.

The first Voxx products reaching the market under the agreement include the DVR 700 dashboard event video recorder, which mounts on the windshield behind the rearview mirror and records video continuously. In the event of an accident, G sensors in the camera automatically lock the currently recorded section from 10 seconds prior to 10 seconds after the incident so that the key video segment cannot be erased or recorded over,

Collision-avoidance products due under the Steelmate agreement include Voxx’s latest parking-assist systems, the PSB110 four-sensor system with buzzer and PSB120, a four-sensor system with dual-color LED display with digital distance readout.

Steelmate products were previously marketed in the U.S. by Steelmate USA of Cerritos, Calif., and more recently by David Levy Company (DLC), which marketed Steelmate parking-assist systems in the U.S. for seven years until earlier this year, when the company began offering a different line of aftermarket parking-assist systems.