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Voxx Expands CarLink Telematics Services

Hauppauge, N.Y. – Voxx Electronics expanded the range of telematics services available for its CarLink telematics device, which is available through car electronics retailers.

Like before, the CarLink device plugs into a vehicle’s OBD II databus port and incorporates 3G cellular and GPS. It lets consumers send control commands from a smartphone to start and turn off the engine, lock and unlock doors, and control sliding doors and power windows via an optional remote-start/convenience system. The CarLink smartphone app continues to locate the vehicle, and a geo-fencing feature sends email or text alerts if the vehicle moves outside a prescribed zone. The system also notifies users when an optional security system is triggered.

Other continuing services include a vehicle maintenance report, which explains maintenance problems, and a fuel report, which helps drivers understand how to reduce fuel costs based on driving habits.

The main additions to the telematics service include automatic crash notification, roadside assistance, stolen-vehicle tracking and recovery, emergency response assistance, and a driver-distraction service. With automatic crash notification, the device automatically notifies Voxx’s emergency-response call center when it detects a severe crash. With emergency roadside assistance, users get a dedicated 24/7 emergency call center that summons helps if a car breaks down, runs out of gas, or gets a flat tire. Stolen vehicle assistance lets users share the vehicle’s location with the police to help recover the vehicle if it is stolen. The driver distraction text blocking service prevents texting while the vehicle is in motion.

Also new is an insurance discount program in which users share their vehicle’s driving data with one of 19 insurance companies for a potential insurance discount.

CarLink’s basic service plan includes remote start and control plus the insurance discount program for an annual fee of $59. The premium service adds the other features for a monthly fee of $9.99.

The CarLink device retails for a suggested $289, excluding remote-start/convenience system. The price includes six months of premium service or 12 months of basic service.