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VOXX Expands Aftermarket ADAS Line

Hauppauge, N.Y. — VOXX Electronics continues to expand its selection of aftermarket Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) with the shipment of its first device that combines DVR, lane-departure warning, and forward-collision warning.

The LDWS100 is shipping to 12-volt retailers at a suggested $699.

The system recognizes traffic lane markings and issues an audible warning if the vehicle drifts out of lane when moving at or above 35mph, unless the turn signal is on. It also sounds a separate alert when the vehicle is moving at or above 15mph and a vehicle in front suddenly appears too close for safety.

The DVR continuously records video of everything that’s visible through the windshield to give the driver a record of any event that happens on a trip. It also records audio. The device automatically locks video footage when it detects an impact, and it can be locked manually. Built-in GPS supplies the unit with travel direction, speed, date, and time.

The LDWS100 includes 8GB Micro SD card to store up to four hours of video. It also accepts 32GB cards. The system also comes with a free playback program for Windows computers to integrate video and display stored GPS data showing time, place, and speed on a map overlay.

Earlier this year, VOXX began shipping its first two backup cameras with wide-angle view at a suggested $349 and $199 and an upgraded navigation-equipped universal rearview mirror at $499. New parking sensors are also in the works.