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Vizio Brings Atmos To Its Soundbars For The 1st Time

Another first: DTS Virtual:X

Vizio unveiled its first three soundbars with object-based Dolby Atmos decoding and its first soundbar with DTS Virtual:X post processing.

The models will be available at end of the summer, but pricing wasn’t disclosed. Its current flagship soundbar retails for a suggested $499.

Vizio also unveiled a line of new 4K TVs.

The new flagship soundbar, the 46-inch-wide SB46514, comes with Dolby Atmos and will deliver a 5.1.4-channel immersive sound field via two top-firing height-channel speakers in the main soundbar chassis and a top-firing speaker in each of two wireless surround speakers. With its wireless subwoofer, it will deliver frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz with SPLs up to 105dB.

Another Atmos-equipped 46-inch soundbar uses the same main chassis as the SB46514, comes with wireless subwoofer, but lacks wireless surround speakers. It creates a 3.1.2-channel sound field.

The third Dolby Atmos soundbar is the 36-inch SB36512, which delivers a 5.1.2-channel sound field, features two height drivers in the main chassis, and comes with two wireless surround speakers that lack height drivers. With included wireless subwoofer, it delivers bass response down to 50Hz and SPLs to 101dB.

All three models decode Dolby Atmos soundtracks from Blu-ray discs and streaming services.

All three also feature Chromecast built in, single HDMI 2.0 input, HDMI 2.0 output with audio return channel, and Dolby Upmixer, which creates height channels from two-channel and surround-sound sources that lack height channels.

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DTS Virtual:X: A fourth soundbar is the company’s first with DTS Virtual:X post processing, which derives phantom height and surround channels from two- and multichannel sources for playback through the bar’s built-in 2.1-channel speaker system.

The bar, which is only 2.12 inches tall, features a baffle that’s angled up when placed on a shelf, and from the side sports a hexagonal design. It can be wall or shelf-mounted. Despite the lack of an outboard subwoofer, the bar produces bass down to 50Hz, thanks in large part to four passive bass radiators. Maximum output is 97dB.

It lacks built-in Chromecast but, like all Vizio soundbars, features Bluetooth.