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Vision Research Refreshes v-Series Cameras

Wayne, N.J.– Vision Research said Friday it is updating its v-Series line of 1 megapixel ultrahigh-speed cameras.

New professional Phantom camera models v2011, v1611, and v1211 now have almost 30 percent more light sensitivity, provide better image quality, and more lighting flexibility than predecessor versions, the company said.

 “After announcing the world’s fastest camera, the Phantom v2511, in July, many of our customers requested the same increased lighting sensitivity and flexibility on the entire v-Series line.  Vision Research has taken numerous customer requests over the years and turned them into new camera features,” said Rick Robinson, Vision Research marketing director. “We realized by implementing this enhancement across our entire ultrahigh-speed camera line, it would have a dramatic impact on our customers’ user experience. Having the increased sensitivity, better picture quality and extra flexibility on the ultrahigh-speed 1 megapixel line make shooting in low-light and difficult-to-light scenarios less difficult.”

The v-Series camera are optimized for high-speed digital imaging systems targeting uses in defense, automotive, engineering, science, medical research, industrial manufacturing, packaging, sports broadcast, TV production and digital cinematography.

All ultrahigh-speed Phantom cameras now have ISO light sensitivity up to ISO 6400 (daylight illumination) for color images and ISO 32,000 for monochrome images.

The ISO range offers the ability to use a faster shutter speed to reduce motion blur.

The Phantom v2011, v1611, and v1211 are fully compatible with all prevous accessories and software options.

The updated v-Series begins shipping in November.