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Video & Audio Center, Samsung, B&W Bring 8K To Bel Air For the Big Game

Just One Touch custom integration provided the setup for eight Samsung 8K QLED televisions and ran audio through B&W's 800 Series speakers for the party.

400 guests gathered at the Bel Air Crest Community Center this past Sunday to enjoy great food, incredible audio and to watch the Big Game on eight of Samsung’s newest 8K QLED televisions. The annual event, hosted by Video & Audio Center and sponsored by B&W and Samsung, experienced a record turnout.

Just One Touch custom integration provided the setup for the Samsung 8K QLED televisions, ran the audio through B&W’s 800 Series speakers for the party, and were on hand to explain to people what 8K is and what they were watching. The Big Game footage was upscaled to 8K by the Samsung QLED televisions from 4K resolution, and the party attendees were able to enjoy clear, bright picture even in the outdoor overflow area.

Video & Audio Center holds this event each year as a thank you to their guests, which include clients, local officials, custom integrators and entertainment professionals.

“It’s amazing,” said Joseph Aktarzad, Co-owner Video & Audio Center when asked about guest reactions to the video and audio quality experienced at the party, “It just shows you the future of 8K, because once the consumer sees the video quality, even the lower resolution broadcast upscaled to 8K, it’s an experience they’ve never had before and they want it. It becomes a ‘must buy’.”

Click here for more information about Video & Audio Center. Or visit Just One Touch’s website to learn more about custom audio and video integration options.

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