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MantelMount Brings Space Savings And Enhanced TV Viewing To Los Gatos School District

Purchase of 80 MM700 pulldown, tilt-and-swivel mounts preserves limited classroom storage and puts TVs at optimal viewing angle

MantelMount, the premier, award-winning mounting option for flatscreen televisions, announced the purchase and installation of 80 MM700 TV Mounts by the Los Gatos Union School District.

MantelMount MM700 Installed in a Los Gatos classroom. (image credit: MantelMount)

Los Gatos is comprised of five schools: four elementary and one middle school, serving kindergarten through eighth grade, and with the MM700, the TVs can be mounted high on the wall and easily brought down when needed. Lowering the TV screen creates a much better viewing angle in terms of resolution and image quality. More importantly, it will help both students and teachers avoid the neck craning that can result from looking up at a TV that is mounted too high, which can lead to neck pain and other health concerns.

“These mounts accomplish so many objectives for both the teachers and the kids,” said Lee Marc, MantelMount CEO. “They bring the TVs to the best viewing height for the kids. They save the limited storage space. And because of their fluid dynamics, they’re extremely easy for teachers to pull down and push back up.”

Interestingly, while the product’s myriad benefits generated interest in the mounts, it was storage space that became a crucial consideration in the purchase decision. When Tim Landeck, Director of Technology, Assessment and Accountability for the Los Gatos school district, decided to put TVs in the classrooms, he realized that to be at the optimum viewing height, they would be in front of the white boards that are mounted on the wall in every classroom. These boards, which are integral classroom tools, slide back and forth, revealing a large storage space behind them; placing TVs over the white boards would not only make the white boards inaccessible but also the storage area behind them, which housed an assortment of classroom supplies.

The purchase of the 80 MM700 units solved the dilemma. With about three feet between the tops of the white boards and the ceiling, there was plenty of room to install the mounts. Consequently, it would be simple for teachers to bring the TVs down to ideal viewing height. When the lesson was completed, it would be just as simple to return the equipment to its original position above the white board – with the storage space still intact.

MantelMount MM700 (image credit: MantelMount)

The MM700 is the first pull-down TV mount in the company’s Pro Series and a great solution for mounting heavier televisions up to 90” (most of Los Gatos’s TVs are 70-inch models). The MM700 – which boasts 26″ of vertical travel and up to a 60-degree swivel – offers a wide range of features, including heavy duty construction (3MM steel); enhanced stabilization, adjustable stops; and auto-straightening.

And don’t forget about protecting the expensive electronics. “When they’re not being used, the TVs will be out of harm’s way, high up on the wall,”added Marc. “Teachers won’t need to worry about kids hitting or damaging any of the equipment.”

“Our classrooms have been open since January, and the installation of the TVs is one of the reasons we were able to support hybrid instruction to students both in the classroom and at home at the same time,” noted Landeck.

About MantelMount
MantelMount is the premier wall mount for flatscreen televisions. MantelMount not only offers tilt and swivel but also allows users to easily pull the TV down off the wall and position it in front of the fireplace at eye level. The product’s unique functionality and design has earned it numerous accolades: at CEDIA 2017, MantelMount won CE Pro’s Best Home Theater TV Mount, as well as the Residential Systems Outstanding Product Winner. The mount also won Best in Show for AV Technology at InfoComm 2016, and the Electronic House 2016 Product of the Year. MantelMount was also a finalist for the prestigious CEDIA Expo Product of the Year in 2015.

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