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Video Name Tag Gets Lots Of CES Buzz


One of the biggest head turners at
the recent International CES was not a mammoth flatscreen
TV or new eye-popping larger-than-life 3D picture.
It was a 2.8-inch OLED screen positioned as a
“Video Name Tag.”

Recom Group, based in San Dimas, Calif., had
people walking the show floors wearing the tiny video
screens like campaign buttons, displaying anything
from their favorite rap videos to promotional announcements.

First developed as B to B marketing tools for a variety
of professional applications, the Video Name Tags are
now branching out to consumer applications.

Each screen sells for a $198 suggested retail ($149
as a CES special) and comes with software, a magnetic
fastener to attach the screen on clothing, a lanyard
and an AC adapter.

Recom Group is also offering a variety of optional accessory
holders to turn the screens into electronic jewelry
including wrist bands, “bling” (a broach) and a belt
buckle. Accessory items have retail prices starting at
around $79.

Company representatives were even walking the show
floors with a top hat equipped with 16 Video Name Tag

Each Video Name Tag features a 2.8-inch (340 by
280-pixel) screen, with 2GB of internal storage, USB
input and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery capable of powering the screen up to 23
hours, per charge.

Rob Norden, Recom Group president,
said the company is now selling
Video Name Tags through online
e-commerce partners, including


and is soliciting sales with brickand-
mortar dealers during the show.

Norden said the products instantly
caught on with showgoers,
even drawing raves from rapper 50

“We use a gorgeous OLED
screen, not an LCD screen, so you
can see it a mile away,” Norden said.
“I’ve had people who are sports
fans coming up to me, saying, ‘Oh,
I’ve got to put my team on this.’ It’s
the kind of thing that when people
see it, they flip over it.”