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U.S. Firms Mum On Their Blu-ray, HD-DVD Plans

Several Japanese computer firms released word earlier this month that they would include either Blu-ray or HD-DVD drives in upcoming models in the coming months, but so far their U.S. counterparts would only give the vaguest of indications as to when they would follow suit.

Sony and Fujitsu expect to have their Blu-ray drives out in Japan by June with Toshiba releasing an HD-DVD-equipped computer in May. Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Gateway, however, are keeping their Blu-ray and HD-DVD plans close to the vest.

HP would only say that consumers would start “seeing the drives” in its desktop and notebook sometime this year, but the company refused to narrow the date down any further. Dell, which is in the Blu-ray camp, reported that it would have a drive in its units once Blu-ray became widely available. Gateway said it is not yet ready to commit to a format or date.