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5 Things Retailers Need To Know About Selling Gaming & eSports

Also: What’s threatening Fortnite?

“Yes, price is important, but the right product is much more important for a gamer — we’re talking the difference between life and death, virtually speaking.” — Steve Baker, VP, industry advisor, The NPD Group

“Stable” is not a word often used to describe the home video game industry. Buffeted by cycles of unrealistic booms followed by destructive busts, retailers are excused for acting warily of investment in such a volatile business.

These days, however, the video game business has become not only downright reliable, but a huge bright spot. Featuring industry analyst and manufacturer insight, TWICE’s newest Consumer Tech Guide breaks down the top five things dealers need to know when it comes to tackling this monster category.

Included within in this free report:

  • The top 5 things retailers need to know to successfully sell gaming and eSports
  • Fortnite’s newest threat
  • Exclusive market research from The NPD Group
  • Revenue forecasts for gaming peripherals
  • ASPs for peripherals
  • Desktop and notebook unit volume for gaming
  • Hands-on product reviews from PC Gamer, TechRadar and Tom’s Hardware

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