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Top NAD Line Adds HDMI, Universal DVD

NAD launched a new series called the Master Series of reference-grade A/V components. They are the M15 preamp processor; M25 seven-channel amp; M3 dual-mono integrated amp; and the brand’s first universal DVD player, the M55.

They ship in November at suggested retails of $2,999 for all components but the DVD player, which retails for a suggested $1,799.

The DVD player features HDMI and component-video outputs with Faroudja DCDi chip that up-scale DVD to 720p and 1,080i HD formats. It also features DVD-Audio and SACD playback, HDCD decoding, and MP3 and WMA decoding.

The M15 preamp processor is THX Ultra II-certified, features HDMI switching and up-converts to component video.

The M25 amp is THX Ultra II-certified and delivers 7×160 watts with all channels driven simultaneously into 8 or 4 ohms at 0.03 percent THD from 20Hz to 10kHz. Its PowerDrive circuit automatically senses a speaker’s impedance and adjusts power-supply settings for that load to deliver high power with low distortion into low-impedance loads.

The M3 dual mono amp features PowerDrive, 2×180-watt output, RS-232, 12-volt triggers and IR outputs.