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THX Bringing Spatial Audio Platform To MWC

Will demonstrate jointly with Qualcomm

THX is launching its Spatial Audio Platform at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week and is providing demonstration in conjunction with Qualcomm.

The platform is billed as an end-to-end universal positional audio solution built with the flexibility to support object-based formats, open standards, and legacy content across mobile, PC and other consumer electronics devices.

It’s comprised of components — available independently or as part of a complete solution — for content creation, with features designed to optimize audio playback.

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Components and capabilities include:

  • Content Creation: Content creation plugins that produce immersive audio in ambisonics and object-based formats and integrate into industry standard audio design tools.
  • MPEG-H Encoding and Decoding: Support for the encoding, decoding and transport of audio technology for next-generation TV broadcasts and streaming video.
  • Rendering Engine: Spatializes ambisonic, object-based as well as legacy channel content through headphones and speakers across all consumer devices.
  • Tuning and Device Optimization: Measures and calibrates audio playback.
  • Personalization: Delivers personalized audio profiles using Head-Related Transfer Functions (HRTF) that are said to be optimized for a listener’s unique hearing physics.

At MWC, THX and Qualcomm will jointly demonstrate the platform capabilities, including the encode, decode, transport and rendering of content using the MPEG-H audio standard. The demo will show how content creators, broadcasters and streaming media companies can use the THX Spatial Audio platform to deliver immersive audio experiences on mobile devices.

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