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Thermostats/Climate Control: Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Smart Room AC

The new Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Smart Room Air Conditioner is a sleek air conditioner unit that can connect to mobile devices so users can control their AC anywhere, anytime. It was announced in January at KBIS (the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) 2016. Frigidaire said its research found that 62 percent of room air conditioner users want to use their smartphones to remotely control their units. The Frigidaire Gallery Cool Connect Smart Room Air Conditioner does just that – with the Frigidaire Smart Appliance app, consumers can control their unit from their smart device anywhere. This allows them to cut down on home energy costs by programming and scheduling the unit 24/7 to create custom cooling for ultimate flexibility. When connected, the air conditioner can be programmed to alert users with friendly reminders for regular maintenance, such as cleaning and updating the unit with fresh filters. They can also link multiple units together and control them as a group. In addition to its smart technology and sleek design, the unit also directs airflow in an upward circular motion for quick and even cooling of the entire room. LED lighting and a mesh grille are meant to let the Cool Connect blend seamlessly into any home environment.