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TeraLogic Offers Macrovision 7.1 DTV Decoder Chip

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. -TeraLogic, a developer of integrated circuits, platforms and software for digital television, announced it has received Macrovision 7.1 certification for its TL851 digital TV decoder chip.

With the encryption system, digital TVs and set-top boxes using the TL851 will be able to prevent unauthorized copying of NTSC/PAL broadcast signals to VCRs, TeraLogic said. The Macrovision capability was added to give copyright holders the security they require to release titles for digital TV devices.

TeraLogic said the TL851, which incorporates an NTSC/PAL encoder, is one of only a few high-definition and multistandard-definition chips to include Macrovision 7.1 protection. The chip manufacturer also makes a chip with Macrovision (TL852).