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TCL Lights 25’ LED Marquees On Chinese Theatre

Hollywood, Calif. – TCL (The Creative Life) unveiled today 25-foot-tall LED marquees at the TCL Chinese Theatre here during an award ceremony honoring the historic landmark.

The TCL Chinese Theatre was designated the 2013 “Theatre of the Year” by the Los Angeles Historic Theatre Foundation (LAHTF).

 At the award ceremony, TCL turned on the TCL LED marquees lighting up the theater’s courtyard.

TCL also used the occasion to provide attendees with a sneak peak at the largest model in the firm’s new Ultra HD smart-TV line.

“The TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX is a historic landmark that attracts millions of visitors each year from around the world. The award-winning renovation has propelled TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX into the future from a technology standpoint, which includes today’s unveiling of the 25-foot TCL marquee and large displays that now shine outside the theatre,” said Chris Larson, TCL sales and marketing VP. “The tradition at TCL is to bring that same kind of theatrical viewing experience found inside and outside the TCL Chinese Theatre IMAX to the home theater. Keeping with tradition, we revealed the TCL 85-inch LED UHD Smart TV designed to transport that desired big screen quality viewing pleasure to your home at a tremendous value.”

Each of the TCL LED marquees have a pixel density of 15,625 pixels/m², pixel pitch of 8mm to create a seamless viewing experience, and a brightness factor of 8000 nits that automatically adjusts to the time of day in order to save energy.

The artistic design of the innovative LED marquee is said to blend into the existing historical architecture preserving the aesthetics while staying in step with the changing times.

TCL licensed the branding rights to the historic theater from Chinese Theatres in 2013.

Through the partnership, the TCL Chinese Theatre was targeted to become “the largest and most advanced IMAX theatre in the U.S.,” while still preserving the historic elements that make the theatre one of the world’s most popular travel destinations, TCL said.

The upgrade included the renovation of the main auditorium, the addition of state of the art IMAX projection and sound systems, theater style seating, and other modern audience comfort enhancements.

TCL said the new marquees “play a major part in the final additions made to the TCL Chinese Theatre’s transformation.”