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T-Mobile Targets Verizon With Free Hulu Promotion

T-Mobile launched another promotion to steal subscribers from other carriers, this time offering Verizon subscribers a free one-year Hulu subscription if they switch between Dec. 11 through Dec 17 in T-Mobile stores or by calling T-Mobile’s toll-free number.

Under the carrier’s recently-launched Binge On program, the former Verizon subscribers will also be able to stream Hulu’s video service over their T-Mobile phone without the streams counting against their LTE data cap.

T-Mobile is also giving Verizon customers half of the price of accessories in its branded stores for savings up to $125 on some items.

The offer follows the launch of other holiday promotions designed to pick off subscribers from a specific carrier. T-Mobile has been giving Sprint customers $200 per line when they switch, on top of other existing financial incentives, and AT&T subscribers who switch through Dec. 13 get a phone memory upgrade and half-off accessories.

In another incentive for consumers who switch, T-Mobile continues to offer its Carrier Freedom promotion in which switchers get up to $650 per line to cover their carrier’s early termination fees (ETFs) or the balance owed on a Verizon phone with a trade-in.

However, T-Mobile has come under fire by consumer groups, and investigation by New York State’s attorney general, for allegedly misleading advertising that fails to address consumers’ financial liability when switching carriers with phones purchased via installment-payment plans.