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T-Mobile Gains 2.1 Million Net Subscribers In Q2

Bellevue, Wash. — T-Mobile’s total net subscriber additions shot up to 2.07 million in the second quarter, marking the ninth consecutive quarter of more than 1 million net adds, with postpaid net adds exceeding a million for the fourth consecutive quarter, T-Mobile said in releasing preliminary numbers.

The company posted three times the net adds in the quarter than AT&T did in the last two years combined, T-Mobile president/CEO John Legere crowed.

Total net adds were up 41 percent year over year and 14 percent sequentially.

“It’s really working,” Leger said of the company’s “Un-carrier” initiatives.

Postpaid net adds combine phone and mobile-broadband customers using cellular-equipped tablets and laptop models. Of the postpaid total, postpaid phone net adds hit 760,000, up 31percent from the year-ago period, while mobile-broadband net adds fell 25 percent from the year-ago period to 248,000 from 329,000.

Branded prepaid net adds rose 75 percent from the year ago to 178,000

The number of net new subscribers gained through MVNOs came to 919,000, and the number of net new M-to-M subscriptions declined by 33,000.

The carrier’s subscriber base grew to 58.9 million, potentially pushing it ahead of Sprint in subscriber count depending on the numbers that Sprint hasn’t yet reported.

In 2014, T-Mobile gained more than 8.3 million total net adds, whereas in 2012, it lost 2 million subscribers, Leger said in a conference call.

Branded postpaid phone churn in the quarter remained at a record low of 1.3 percent, he said.

Though T-Mobile’s subscriber base has been growing quickly, the company in the first quarter swung to a net loss, posting a $63 million net loss following the fourth quarter’s $101 million net income.

For the full-year 2014 period, however, T-Mobile posted net profit of $247 million, up from 2013’s $35 million.