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SVAT is launching a new brand of do-it-yourself security products called Defender, which will feature a variety of complete and easy-to-use DVRs and other monitoring solutions.

Geared towards home and small business owners who would like the peace of mind of a solid security system without the hassle of a complicated installation, Defender products will offer step-by-step instructions and a simple, straightforward setup. The first major release will be the Sentinel1: Ultra Compact Internet Accessible DVR System, available beginning in December. It will come with four high-resolution CCD outdoor color cameras and a DVR with integrated 7-inch LCD screen.

The system can easily be connected to a secured Internet connection so the user can view the video feed from anywhere in the world. Also included in the system will be a 320GB Seagate hard drive capable of storing 80 days of video, and a 1GB flash drive for transferring video. The system has a suggested retail of $1,599.

The rest of the Defender line will be rolled out in 2008 and will include an SDDVR recording system, a line of Wi-Fi safe wireless monitoring systems and other security products.