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Sub-Zero Scores On Size

A premium product making a Top 10 best sellers list?

Despite a hefty price point, which no doubt contributed to its seventh-place dollar volume ranking for all full-sized refrigerators, the Sub-Zero 650 has long been a top model within the vendor’s portfolio. And, given the surge in popularity of commercial-type premium built-ins, the 650 in hindsight was a shoe-in.

Chief among its saleable features are its twin compressors, which assure steady and accurate temperature control within the refrigerator and freezer compartments, as well as Sub-Zero’s rock solid reputation for quality. The number is also available in a variety of styles, including framed and wood overlay models and, starting this season, carbon and platinum stainless finishes and commercial-look glass doors.

But according to corporate marketing manager Paul Leuthe, what also makes the 650 a mainstay of upscale kitchens is its size. “Our larger models are too big for some customers and the smaller models may not be large enough. But at 36 inches across, the 650 represents a convenient size,” he said. “You can fit party trays in there for entertaining, and we also know of some people who use pairs of 650s side-by-side to stage catering events.”

Leuthe added that its bottom mount configuration, which puts the most often sought foodstuffs within easy reach, is a “logical layout that reflects the way people use refrigerators.

“You don’t have to do a lot of bending,” he said.