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Stainless-Steel Microwaves New To Amana’s Line

Amana is marketing a new line of microwave ovens, including its largest-capacity Radarange and several stainless-steel-fronted models.

The company is also offering a new 18-cubic-foot Easy Reach bottom-mount refrigerator that is only 30 inches wide.

The new seven-unit microwave line includes 1,100-watt model F1961, a 1.9-cubic-foot oven that is Amana’s first in that size.

Amana increased the power levels of most of its microwave ovens that previously offered 1,000 watts to 1,100 watts; previously 900-watt units now offer 1,000 watts.

In addition to the stainless-steel fronts on the 1.9-cubic-foot oven and a 1.5-cubic-foot over-the-range unit, Amana has developed a 30-inch stainless-steel trim kit so consumers can build countertop models into the wall, either alone or above a 30-inch wall oven.

Suggested retail prices range from $429 to $499 for the over-the-range ovens and from $149 to $239 for the countertop models. A countertop /convection oven is $439.

Amana’s new Easy Reach refrigerator is a smaller version of the bottom-mounts the company had previously introduced in 19.7- and 20.5-cubic-foot capacities.

It features adjustable Spillsaver glass shelves, a pullout freezer basket, and humidity-controlled crispers, plus Amana’s Temp-Assure system with separate sensors for fresh-food and freezer sections. The suggested retail price is $849.