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SpeakerCraft Adds Audio Receivers

RIVERSIDE, CALIF. — SpeakerCraft
shipped its first A/V receiver and
first two-channel receiver, joining
two multisource/multizone controller/
receivers that drive multi-roomaudio

The two new Vital-series receivers
are the $425-suggested two-channel
Vital 710 and $1,250 7.1-channel
Vital 910 home-theater receiver.
Both are heralded by president Jeremy
Burkhardt as offering a “significant
performance breakthrough”
because of high-current amplifi cation
and discrete output stages that
deliver “substantial headroom” and
“impressive sound pressure levels.”
The units, he said, “are extremely
musical, produce an abundance
of very clean sound and do so with
great reliability.”

Both were shown at last year’s

Although the Vital 710 is a twochannel
receiver, it can be used with
impedance-balancing speaker selectors
and in-wall volume controls
to create an affordable installed
multi-room-audio system. It features
2×80-watt high-current amplifi
er, two full-range subwoofer outputs,
composite video switching, a
front-panel A/V input, AM/FM tuner
with 30 presets and a phono input.

The Vital 910 A/V receiver features
7×130-watt amplifi cation, decoding
of all authorized Blu-ray
surround formats, four HDMI inputs
and one HDMI output, Smart-
EQ automatic room equalization
with included microphone, XM Satellite
Radio input, AM/FM tuner
with 50 presets and 1080p up-scaling
via Faroujda’s Torino video chip