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Sony Trims Reader Line To One Model


Sony has downsized its Reader product
line to a single unit that the company says incorporates
the best of all its previous models and can
compete with lower priced competitors.

Effective Aug. 31 Sony began marketing a single
$149 Reader, down from three previously, said Phil
Lubell, Sony’s mobile solutions VP. With this plan,
Sony has moved away from its strategy of offering
higher-priced, feature-rich devices.

Sony’s 2010 Reader offering had the Pocket,
Touch and Daily selling for $179, $229 and $299,

The new Reader features a 6-inch E Ink touchscreen
display that gives the user the ability to pinch
and manipulate the content and, more importantly,
said Lubell, has Wi-Fi connectivity. This had only
been available on the $299 model requiring consumers
to physically connect their device to a PC to
download books.

The new Reader is also lighter and thinner and
comes in three colors: red, white and black. There
is an improved ability to take notes using an included

Sony is also increasing its partnership with the
public library system. It will continue with its librarian
training program and has worked on a better interface
to enable people to download books from their
library. The Wi-Fi capability will now allow this to be
accomplished from anywhere.