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Sony Reveals Prices Of 3 UHD TVs

San Diego – Sony revealed pricing and availability of three new Ultra HD 4K LED TVs, all with bezel-free Vanishing Edge design and all said to be Sony’s thinnest ever with depth of only 0.2 inches at their thinnest point.

The three were among 10 4K TVs announced earlier this year in the company’s XBR series. All are the company’s first 4K TVs with Android TV OS, as are new 1080p models.

The three models include 55- and 65-inch X900C models at $2,499 and $3,999, respectively, with depths of 0.2 inches at their thinnest points and about 1.13 inches at their thickest. The 75-inch X910C at $5,499 is promoted as the thinnest LCD TV on the market in its size class.

The X900C models will be available in July. The X910C will be available this summer. They will appear in Sony stores, online at, Best Buy stores,, and

All three, like Sony’s seven other new 4K TVs for 2015, feature X1 processor to significantly increase contrast, clarity and color performance from the previous year’s TVs. They also feature Triluminos technology to provide the company’s widest color range ever along with dynamic color correction to ensure consistent and accurate colors, Sony said. Triluminos delivers the color gamut of quantum-dot technology without sacrificing brightness and without adding depth to TVs through the addition of a layer of quantum-dot crystals, the company has said.

All of the company’s 4K TVs announced for 2015 are also the company’s first 4K TVs with Android TV OS, which is delivers a simple user interface, downloads Android apps from Google Play, and uses Google’s voice search from a microphone-equipped remote, the company said. Android TV delivers a user interface similar to that of Android tablets and smartphones to deliver a consistent UI experience among Android devices, the company added.

All of the new 4K TVs feature PlayStation Now service, which streams PlayStation 3 games from the cloud. PlayStation Now debuted in the 2014 line of 4K and 1080p TVs

All 10 also stream 2K and 4K DirecTV programming without a satellite-TV box if the home installs a Genie DVR/server. And all feature Google Cast to stream content from Cast-enabled audio and video apps on mobile devices to the TV from the cloud, preventing interruptions from incoming calls and letting consumers use other mobile-device apps while streaming.

The X900C and X910C models feature edge-lit LED lighting. They are not upgradable to add high dynamic range (HDR) technology like two other 4K models announced by the company.