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Sony Introduces PNSC Team

NEW YORK — Sony Electronics used the recent PC Expo here to formally introduce its new integrated Personal Network Solutions Company.

“To further capture opportunities like those afforded by digital imaging and other growth industries fueled by network services, Sony is merging its U.S. PC and digital imaging businesses into one operating group called the Personal Network Solutions Co. (PNSC),” Mark Viken, Sony PNSC VP, announced. “This merger is both operational and logistical in nature.

Viken said members of the PC and digital imaging groups are in the process of relocating to new PNSC headquarters in San Diego, where it should be fully established there by August 1.

“While we are already market leaders in the digital camera and camcorder businesses our PC business has matured and its product strategies have been honed to lead market segments including Ultralite notebooks, and powerful graphics-driven desktops. This move to San Diego is a symbolic fresh start to generate even more new areas of leadership for Sony.”

San Diego is currently a “manufacturing hub for Sony” and has been “a quiet but mighty force in Sony Electronics’ research and developments efforts,” he said.

The R& D team stationed there, developed Sony’s the digital CRT (Diginex), technology “that heightens and prolongs the digital signal in the CRT transmission so that the signal is converted to analog only at the last instant to produce a brilliant digital image.”

Products, software and services showcased by the group at PC Expo included:

  • Image Station service, a website for storing and sharing online digital images and short video clips.
  • Movie Shaker: non-linear video-editing software for use on Sony VAIO PCs connected to Sony digital camcorders via iLINK digital interface connections.
  • Memory Stick: the company continues to push standardization of the flash memory format “for its ability to easily connect a variety of audio, video and IT products.”
  • Sony’s re-entry into the Personal Digital Assistant category with an ultra-compact unit based on the Palm operating system. (Details will be announced later).