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Sony Bows Latest Clie Handheld, New Accessories

Sony released a new premium mono-screen Clie handheld with a new universal remote control that will allow users to control a DVD, TV, VCR and A/V receiver from the handheld.

Called the PEG-T415, the Clie features a high-resolution mono screen with 320×320 resolution. It has a stylized ultra-slim design, measuring 0.39-inches thick, and a silver case. The PEG-T415 has 8MB of RAM and runs on the Palm 4.1 operating system. It also features an enhanced infrared port. Suggested retail price is $299.

The new handheld comes with an optional Memory Stick camera module (model PEGA-MSC1) that enables consumers to shoot and view digital photos directly from the Clie T415 handheld, as well as the currently available N760C and N610C Clie handhelds. The PEGA-MSC1 camera module will carry a suggested retail price of about $150 and ships this month.

Images taken with the camera module are automatically saved to the handheld’s onboard memory, where they can be viewed with the supplied PictureGear Pocket application. To preserve memory for new photos and information management applications, images can be archived on a Memory Stick card or PC. Users can select between 320×240 or 160×120 resolution images, ideal for e-mail or Web posting.

The handheld will also feature the PEGA-SA10 Audio Adapter, allowing users to listen to digital audio files by connecting the optional adapter to the serial port located at the base of the T415. The module reads MP3 audio files stored on Memory Stick media, sold separately, and also supports stereo sound on gMovie application video clips. The SA10 handheld accessory comes supplied with headphones and an installation CD-ROM with supporting applications and will retail for approximately $130.