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Sony Aims For STEM Education With Koov Building Blocks

Add Sony to the list of the companies that want to make computing coding as easy as snapping Legos together.

Sony’s global education unit, founded in 2015 with the purpose of bringing innovation to the education industry, has introduced the Koov robot programming kit.

In a nutshell, brightly colored blocks snap together like Legos to create interactive robots, with the help of blueprints and a companion app. The app was developed in cooperation with MIT, which employs the institution’s kid-friendly drag-and-drop Scratch programming language.

The kit works on many educational levels. In Sony’s words, “As a whole, Koov is made up of a very small programming kit but, when viewed as a product, it includes a hardware, a software, various applications, and also a web service and various other components which complete a unique all-in-one package that you will not find anywhere else. Its most distinctive components are the seven types of transparent blocks which can be combined in various ways. When the transparent blocks are stacked up and superimposed onto one another, they change to a different color: this allows the creation of new shapes and color schemes so that, in addition to studying mechanics or computers with this innovative educational tool, one can also learn about designing and orientation.”

Koov joins a growing number of STEM toys aimed at how kids play, including Cubetto, the coding robot, and Google’s Project Bloks, another building block/coding product.