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Sony Adds Nanotech 4K Streaming To UHD TVs

San Jose, Calif. — NanoTech Entertainment revealed Monday that its streaming network app for 4K Ultra HD TV movies, TV programs and special events will be bundled in all 2014 Sony 4K TVs.

NanoTech, which bills itself as a pioneer in the delivery of 4K Ultra HD content to consumers, said it reached an agreement with Sony through which the  4K UltraFlix Network App will be bundled with Sony’s 2014 4K Ultra HD TV product line.

Financial terms were not disclosed.

The service will give Sony 2014 UHD TV owners one-click access to a large library of 4K video-on-demand (VOD) content.

UltraFlix is said to offer more than 300 hours of streaming 4K travel and nature documentaries, including 40 made for IMAX theatrical titles. Other fare includes a wide selection of action/thriller, comedy, drama and family movies as well as extreme sports videos, concerts, TV shows and moving murals. The VOD service is said to also provide up to 100 hours of free content.

“Our decision to bundle UltraFlix with our next-generation 4K Ultra HD TVs was based on our continual quest to deliver the most immersive viewing experience that consumers are seeking,” stated Nick Colsey, Sony Electronics VP. “We can now provide our customers with the industry’s largest number of options for streaming 4K VOD content combined with the best 4K Ultra HD TVs available in the market. UltraFlix’s secure media delivery system, combined with our state-of-the-art displays, provides the best in consumer entertainment.”

UltraFlix said it streams UHD video uses HEVC/H.265 compression standards along with NanoTech’s 4K Studios proprietary methods.

NanoTech’s said its 4K Ultra HD software achieves up to 50 percent better compression than H.264, “effectively delivering the same 4K Ultra HD quality at nearly half the bit rate.”

With enhanced video compression, adaptive streaming and intelligent bandwidth-management technologies, UltraFlix can stream visually lossless 4K video with uninterrupted viewing at under 8Mbps, making 4K Ultra HD available to most North American and European Internet subscribers today, the company said.

Sony’s 2014 4K Ultra HD TVs all incorporate an HEVC-compatible decoder capable of presenting up to 4K/60p content.

“Sony has been instrumental in advancing the 4K industry and we’re very proud to partner with them,” stated Aaron Taylor, NanoTech sales and marketing executive VP. “Like Sony, we believe 4K is the future of television and look forward to a long and mutually rewarding relationship as we deliver the most exciting 4K technologies of tomorrow — today.”