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SOL Gives Indie-A-Go-Go

SOL Republic is hitting the crowdfunding scene for its newest headphones, a wireless version of its Relays Sport.

The company, which has always prided itself on its grassroots marketing, turned to Indiegogo for its latest product because it felt the site had the same user audience, Kevin Lee, SOL CEO and co-founder, told TWICE. “People who use Indiegogo also are the early adopters of new consumer electronic products,” he said. “SOL figured that it would be smart to offer and test-launch the new headphones via Indiegogo to get some quality feedback and validation about the need for, one, the types of features that our product offers; two, the price point; and, three, to refine the messaging around Relays Sport Wireless for marketing collateral.”

Features of the Bluetooth headphones include sweat and water resistance; an in-line mic and remote; and an eight-hour battery life with a quick-charge function, said to provide 60 minutes of play time with a 10-minute charge. The Relay Sport Wireless are also part of the company’s Ear Tips For Life program, which will replace any lost ear tips indefinitely.

They headphones are already in production, and it took SOL less than a week to surpass its initial $50,000 funding goal, which Lee attributed to Indiegogo’s early-adopter community, SOL’s fan base, “grassroots word-of-mouth conversations,” bloggers and social media.

The Relays Sport Wireless headphones will be sold through its website and Amazon once the campaign concludes. Suggested retail will be $99.99.

SOL is just one in a growing list of established CE manufacturers to use crowdfunding to generate buzz for a new product. Past participants include Griffin Technology with an at-home charging station, BuQu Tech with an iPhone battery case, and Mimoco for a line of charging accessories.