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She’s Like A Rainbow: Elevate Marks Rebrand With A Splash

Elevate is marking a new rebranding effort with a high-profile licensing partnership with the French Bull design company.

The company, formerly PCT Brands (and PCT Treasures before that), will begin shipping in October a line of Bluetooth speakers and portable power accessories geared toward 15- to 45-year-old women — a demographic that includes the millennials with some spillage before and after, Rick Sadofsky, Elevate chief sales officer, explained to TWICE earlier this month.

According to Sadofsky, designer Jackie Shapiro and her brightly colored French Bull collection comes with a loyal following and ample potential within its targeted demographic. “It’s more the 15-year-old girl who want to look 25,” said Sadofsky, “and the 45-year-old who wants to feel 25.”

The line, which totals 25 different SKUs and will begin shipping in October, includes such CE accessories as a lighted compact/phone charger ($24.99 suggested retail), and USB hubs and power surge charging systems ($34.99 to $49.99). Portable Bluetooth speakers range from 3-watt mini speakers for $24.99 to a 24-watt speaker with touch controls and a $129 price tag.

There’s even a portable DVD player with a six-hour battery life for $169, and a portable power and jump-starter pack for $119.

Voice control will be featured in the second round of products, Sadofsky said, which is slated for March or April. The next line will also include cases and bags with the signature French Bull designs.

The line’s packaging will play a central role in its merchandising. Not only is it designed to appeal to women consumers purchasing for themselves, but products also intend to present as “giftable” options; packaging was given boxy designs with satin finishes that are meant to mimic jewelry and perfume boxes.

As such, the company expects the items to be sold not only through CE retailers, but able to cross over to clothing stores as well. Within mass merchants, products may be suited for clothing and gift sections as well as traditional tech areas. The company will have both counter and shelf units available, as well as demo stations for the audio products.

In addition to more French Bull products, Elevate also intends to release a line of CE accessories under its own new branding.

“Elevate will be the second phase we’re working on,” Sadofsky said. “[French Bull] is the first of many licensing we’re looking at for the company, and the next collection will be about targeting the millennial [man].”