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Samsung Starts$5M Flat-Panel Ad Campaign

Samsung said it has launched a $5 million national advertising campaign for its comprehensive flat-panel TV products, which include both plasma display panels and LCD TV/monitors.

The campaign is slated to run into October, and launched in March with a first wave comprised of trade press spots on Samsung’s LCD TV lineup. The second wave extends the LCD TV message to key consumer publications. A full-blown LCD TV and plasma monitor consumer blitz kicks off in August when the entire lineup is available at retail nationally. The campaign will also include a significant online component to compliment the print advertising.

“We’re signaling to dealers that Samsung is committed to the flat-panel TV category,” said Jonas Tanenbaum, Samsung’s Visual Display Group marketing manager. “Already, Samsung is the world’s largest LCD panel manufacturer and we have a leadership position in laptop displays and standalone monitors.”

The campaign will focus on the breadth of Samsung’s flat-panel HDTV lineup, which includes both standard and widescreen models and screen sizes ranging from 15 to 63 inches.”

The print ads reflect Samsung’s DigitALL branding campaign. Trade ads feature taglines such as “DigitALLmagnet” emphasizing the attention that Samsung’s flat-panel line has already garnered. Consumer ads highlight the lifestyle enhancement of owning a Samsung LCD TV. Taglines include “DigitALLvanity,” emphasizing the LCD TV line’s sleek design, and “DigitALLrefuge,” underscoring the unique installation applications of the line, and suggesting the office, kitchen and bathroom as suitable places for a Samsung flat-panel TV. Samsung’s participating dealers will be ‘tagged’ to invite consumers to visit and see a demonstration.

Recently launched models in Samsung’s flat-panel LCD TV line include 15-inch and 17-inch HDTV monitors in both the traditional aspect ratio (LTM1555, LTM1755) and widescreen aspect ratio (LTM1575W, LTM1775W).

A 24W-inch 16:9 model will be available in June (LTM245W), followed by a 29W-inch 16:9 model (LTM295W) and a40W-inch 16:9 LCD TV model (LTM405W) in August. Samsung is also introducing large-screen plasma-based digital monitors, including a 42W-inch enhanced definition (ED) model (SPL4225), a 50W-inch high definition (HD) model (HPL5025) and a 63W-inch HD model (HPL6315).