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Samsung Sounds Off With MS750 Sound+ Soundbar

Samsung Electronics America (SAE) has begun shipping its MS750 Sound+ soundbar, which was designed to vertically expand the sound stage.

Introduced last January at CES, the 5-channel unit accomplishes this with two vertical wide-range tweeters and a crossover range of 600Hz ~ 20KHz.

The 11-speaker array also includes three wide-range tweeters and six long-throw woofers, along with dedicated amplifiers.

Bass depth and coverage is boosted by simultaneous multi-array performance (and a matched W700 wireless subwoofer, to retail for $499), and Samsung’s proprietary Ultra High Quality (UHQ) technology can upscale content to 32 bits, the company said.

The overall effect, according to Samsung, delivers “a deeper sense of immersion from a single unit.”

The company’s patented distortion-cancelling technology also “provides a sweet spot no matter where you sit,” noted Jim Kiczek, SEA’s digital audio/video marketing VP.

The MS750 can be mounted to, and share a power cord with, a Samsung TV for an integrated look; can be controlled from the Samsung One TV remote to reduce clutter; and can play HD Audio content streamed via Samsung’s multiroom app.

The MS750 is priced to retail for $699.