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Runco Expands 1,080p Assortment

Runco International will use CEDIA Expo in Denver (Sept. 14-17) to launch a new lineup of 1,080p DLP front projectors.

Runco said it will present seven 1,080p projectors in both single and triple-chip configurations. Suggested retail prices will range from $11,995 for an entry single-chip 1,080p DLP Reflection Series model to $115,000 for a 3-chip DLP Video Xtreme model equipped with Runco’s CineWide with AutoScope option and McKinley anamorphic optics, the company said.

Each model is designed to accept Runco’s CineWide and/or CineWide with AutoScope technology as an available option.

All will be shipping between now and October.

Bob Hana, Runco president, said the company’s 1,080p strategy is to “offer dealers 1,080p solutions across the board in terms of price points, product features and performance, and the ability to spec the right product for every installation challenge they encounter.”

The new models will also include Runco’s Vivix video processing system for upconverting lesser resolution source material to the projector’s native 1,920 by 1,080p resolution. The models will also accept 1,080p source material in native form from capable Blu-ray Disc players.

The 1,080p lineup starts with two Reflection Series models — the RS-1100 and RS-1100 Ultra, both of which incorporate single-chip DLP light engines. Both employ Runco’s proprietary SuperOnyx light engine and Selectable Lamp Intensity Control (SLIC), which provides two selectable lamp intensity levels.

The RS-1100 Ultra adds six CinOptx Proteus and Telesto premium grade lens options with a range of different throw distances, to accommodate a variety of challenging placement issues.

Five of the 1,080p models will be placed in Runco’s Video Xtreme Series. All will include two new single-chip 1,080p DLP projectors and three new 3-chip 1,080p DLP projectors.

All Video Xtreme projectors are paired with Runco’s new DHD-2 DHD controller, which was upgraded for 1,080p performance. The VX-55d, the flagship of the line, will be demonstrated at the show.