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Room At Wynn’s Inn For Alexa

Guests at Steve Wynn’s Wynn Las Vegas casino may find themselves sharing a room with an unexpected guest next month.

That’s when the hotel magnate will begin equipping all 4,748 rooms with Echo, Amazon’s Alexa-embedded wireless speaker and home automation hub.

The move, which Wynn describes as a hospitality industry first, will allow guests to control various hotel room features by voice command, including lighting, room temperature, drapery, and the TV.

“Technology has always played an important part in our resorts,” Wynn said in a filmed announcement, below. “The thing that Amazon has done with Alexa is quite perfect. If I have ever seen anything in my 49 years of developing resorts that has made our job of delivering a perfect experience to our guests easier and help us get to another level, it is Alexa.”

Echo installations will begin within the hotel’s suites in January, and Wynn expects Alexa to be fully operational in all guest rooms by summer. Additional features such as personal assistant functions will be introduced as the project evolves.

You can watch Wynn tout his digital assistant milestone below: