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ReplayTV Sets New Fee Structure For New, Current Subscribers

ReplayTV recently announced a new discounted pricing policy for customers with multiple ReplayTV units.

The company said it now offers a $6.95 per unit monthly service rate for each additional ReplayTV DVR, for up to five additional units. The service fee for the first or main unit in the home will be $12.95 per month, or $299 for a lifetime service activation.

Current monthly subscribers with multiple active ReplayTV DVRs will also be eligible for this new $6.95 discounted price on up to five additional units.

The discount, which parallels service rates offered by rival TiVo, is applicable to all models of ReplayTV DVRs. Multiple unit accounts will be verified if the payment information is the same for each unit. In the event that a household reduces their number to one active unit, billing rates will automatically return to the rates received prior to the multiunit discount.

In other news, ReplayTV said it is extending its rebates for the purchase of ReplayTV DVRs for all models. The 40-hour model RTV5504 sells for $99.99 after rebate. The 80-hour RTV5508 sells for $199.99 after rebate. The 160-hour RTV5516 sells for $349.99 after rebate, and 320-hour RTV5532 sells for $599.99 after rebate.

ReplayTV models are currently carried by,, Circuit City, CompUSA, The Good Guys, Fry’s, J&R Music World, Magnolia, Tweeter and other authorized ReplayTV dealers.