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Q&A With Skyrocket Toys

Los Angeles — Skyrocket Toys launched its first consumer drone in 2013, and was promptly nominated for Outdoor Toy of the Year from the Toy Industry Association. The company debuted its newest Sky Viper at this year’s Toy Fair, and John Ardell, sales and marketing VP, spoke to us about drones and the people who are buying them.

TWICE:What do you think is spurring the recent interest in consumer drones? 

Ardell: The best salespeople for our drones are current owners. When their friends hear about how fun and easy they are to fly, they run out to the store to purchase one.  

TWICE: How do you plan to stand apart? 

Ardell: Sky Viper drones fly better and are more durable than the competition.  Our drones handle better than others due to our custom software — we are on our third generation. Additionally, we have an exclusive Dura-Flex body that bends when it falls, significantly reducing the chances of breaking.  Each year, we have studied the failure points on our drones to make the most durable drone on the market for the price.

TWICE: What kind of feedback are you receiving from retailers? 

Ardell: Retailers are excited about the launch of our new drones, especially our HD Video Drone. They are telling us that 2015 is going to be the year of the drone.

TWICE:Where do you see the market heading? 

Ardell: The consumer drone market has been doubling every year for the past several years. We do not see an end in sight. We think that the drone market will not only continue to take share from the traditional single-blade copter market, but will also continue to bring in new consumers.

TWICE: What have been some of the biggest obstacles reaching consumers? 

Ardell: Awareness. Once someone experiences a drone, they are hooked. Sky Viper has a major TV campaign behind it this year to make sure that we hit all of the potential drone consumers.