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Pyle’s Dual-Angle Vehicle Cam Captures 120-Degree Video

Pyle Audio is now offering its Dual Camera & Monitor DVR System, an in-vehicle rearview mirror-mounted video-recording system.

It features dual swivel rotating cameras, one aimed forward and one aimed backward, that capture 120-degree-wide video. The cameras feature 4x zoom, continuous and loop video recording, night-vision recording and the option to include a date and time stamp on video and photos.

The cameras and monitor system mount to the existing rearview mirror. Also included is a built-in, 3.5-inch LCD display screen, which may be hidden for standard rearview mirror viewing. Picture-in-picture ability allows drivers to simultaneously record video in both directions. 

 The system has basic front-panel button controls and is powered through the vehicle’s 12-volt port. A power outlet adapter and USB charging cable is included. For emergency situations, there is a built-in rechargeable battery backup.

A MicroSD slot and MicroHDMI connector port allow users to save and share road incident footage.

It’s available for $118 at