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Vantage Partners With CoolAutomation For Smart HVAC Integration

Vantage Partners With CoolAutomation to Provide Luxury Climate Control in Today's Smart Homes

Vantage, Legrand’s residential lighting control brand, has announced a partnership with CoolAutomation. Thanks to this partnership, CoolAutomation Edge devices can integrate any compatible HVAC system brands into the Vantage InFusion System and ensure communication between the two. Homeowners will be able to fully control their HVAC with their preferred keypads, touchscreens, motion sensors, and timers, while providing feedback of the temperature and setpoints on Vantage Equinox touchscreens.

“As the residential controls industry continues to advance, the need for seamless HVAC integration becomes increasingly vital,” said Richard Laliberty, Product Marketing Manager, Shading and Vantage Residential Controls, Legrand North America. “This partnership showcases the innovative solutions for integrating and controlling multiple HVAC systems with a process that is simple, reliable, and hassle-free. It allows HVAC systems to finally communicate with external systems, offering integrators and homeowners unmatched management of an environment’s climate control.”

The CoolAutomation Edge device connects directly to HVAC systems via two-wire communication lines, and it communicates with Vantage over a TCP port connection on the LAN. There’s no need for external cloud-based connections. Through the Vantage Equinox-41 and Equinox-73 touchscreens and the EQ app, CoolAutomation enables Vantage to fully control the Universal HVAC Interface Point with feedback from the actual temperature and setpoints. The pairing of Vantage and CoolAutomation has been tested and proven successful in projects throughout the world.


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