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Swann Releases New AllSecure600 Series Wireless Security Kits

Security features include offline recording and free clip storage

(image credit: Swann)

Swann has released the AllSecure600 Series wireless security kits. These security kits blend high-definition 2K wireless cameras with a Tower Hub for local storage. Standout features of these new security systems include an offline option where video can be seen on a TV via HDMI cable and an ability to record without the need for the internet.

The model numbers are SWNVK-600SD2 ($449.99), SWNVK-600SD3 ($499.99), and SONVK-600SD4 ($579.99). In Europe, the SWNVK-600SD2-EU kit will be available for €399.99.

In a world where many big security brands are now charging you to store your clips, Swann offers free storage on all its models. The newly launched products come with up to two months of rolling video storage on the included 64 GB Micro SD Card plus cloud backup.

The AllSecure600 Series security kits include 100 percent wire-free cameras with the flexibility to move where needed most, making installation easy. Each camera comes with a removable, rechargeable battery, so once installed, the cameras do not have to be taken down; just recharge the battery like a phone and put it back in the camera.

These cameras are also decked out with some of Swann’s signature features, such as True Detect heat and motion-sensing for more reliable alerts, weatherproofing, and two-way audio to greet guests. Night2Day Color Night Vision and controllable spotlights and sirens to help deter intruders. The Tower Hub stitches footage together with quick playback and comes with local and optional cloud storage.

(image credit: Swann)

The system has SwannNet to help connect to the best available Wi-Fi signal for each camera. The wireless cameras in the AllSecure600 can operate in two different modes. The default mode is AP, where each camera connects to the Tower Hub wirelessly. It does this using Wi-Fi Direct (a standard that allows two or more devices to establish a connection without needing a Wi-Fi access point or router). The other mode is Mesh. This allows each camera to connect to your Wi-Fi network independent of the Hub, giving you flexibility on where you can mount cameras without signal degradation. If the house is large, Wi-Fi extenders can provide better coverage over a larger space.

With Swann’s security products, there is no initial subscription fee, but additional features are available with Swann Secure+ plans.

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