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Sensibo Launches Elements Indoor Air Quality Monitor

The air quality monitor will alert users when pollution levels are high, and will provide tips on how to lower indoor air pollution.

Sensibo has announced the launch of the Sensibo Elements Indoor Air Quality Monitor, which smartly monitors the air quality of indoor spaces such as homes and offices. The new product then shares an Air Quality Score along with alerts and tips to lower pollution levels.

Closed spaces can be five times more polluted than the outdoors. Research shows that the average Western person spends 90% of their life in closed spaces, especially during the winter months. In addition, according to the WHO, 93% of children are breathing toxic air on a regular basis. The most common indoor pollutants come from cleaning products, building materials, paint, and even scented candles. Dust and pollen, which enter closed spaces from the outdoors, can affect indoor pollution as well. Breathing in such pollutants only results in the release of CO₂, but it can also cause a variety of harmful health impacts, including reduced energy levels, headaches, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, and respiratory or skin irritation. 

The Sensibo Elements Indoor Air Quality Monitor detects high levels of indoor pollutants, such as CO₂, TVOC, PM2.5 and Ethanol. It tracks humidity too, as high humidity levels can result in sickness and mold growth. The Sensibo Elements will calculate an aggregated air quality score, taking into account all present pollution levels, to help users understand their overall indoor air quality. When pollution levels rise, the Sensibo app will send alerts along with air quality protection tips.

“Sensibo is proud to continue growing with the launch of Sensibo Elements, improving the air quality of where we spend most of our time: indoors”, says Ran Roth, CEO and Co-Founder of Sensibo. “Covid-19 has created awareness towards the air that we breathe as we are all looking for solutions that will allow us to control the air quality that surrounds us. When Sensibo Elements works with the rest of Sensibo’s products, we allow people to control what they can’t see, yet impacts our health and life dramatically”.

Sensibo PureBoost™ connects all Sensibo devices to work together as an ecosystem: when pollution is high and an alert is activated on Sensibo Elements, PureBoost™ will activate Sensibo Pure (HEPA filter equipped smart air purifier) high fan to fight pollution. Combined with Sensibo’s AC controllers, Sensibo Sky and Sensibo Air, the AC will also be activated to circulate air through the purifier to quickly decrease pollution. Sensibo’s products install easily, connect to all ACs and WiFi networks, and may be remote controlled via mobile app, along with full integration with Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri and Apple HomeKit.

Sensibo Elements is available for $169 on the company’s website.

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