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Hubble Connected Showcases Range Of Smart Baby Monitors

Hubble Connected Showcased Its Next-Generation Guardian Family and Dream+ Smart Baby Movement Monitors at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show

“Connected nursery” creators Hubble Connected showcased their range of movement monitors at this year’s CES. Hubble Connected’s monitor range focuses on helping parents establish healthy sleep routines in addition to providing a safe and secure way for them to monitor their baby from anywhere.

With Hubble Connected’s products, parents have access to data about their baby’s breathing, heart rate, as well as room temperature and body temperature change, even how much they move around – all factors which can significantly help with sleep quality. Once a baby turns four months old, the smart monitors can assist with sleep training and create optimum sleep schedules, eliminating the need to purchase additional equipment, while utilizing the same interface and HubbleClub app that parents are already familiar with.

Introducing Hubble Connected’s State of the Art Smart Movement Monitors

Hubble Connected debuted its Guardian Family of wearable Baby Movement Monitors at CES, along with its non-wearable Dream+ Movement Monitor. The Guardian+ ($149) comes with a soft wearable strap that wraps around the baby’s ankle and tracks sleep quality indicators such as heart rate, oxygen levels and body temperature change. The base unit serves as a charging station, audio monitor and smart soother. It features a nightlight and streams hundreds of sleep-sounds and offers bedtime and rise-to-wake routines. The Guardian Cam ($199) adds a high-definition smart camera with an additional nightlight, and the Guardian Pro ($299) is the first package in the category to include a movement monitor, smart HD camera and 5″ touchscreen parent unit.

The Guardian family is available at leading national retailers, including Walmart and buybuy Baby, on and expanding to additional outlets soon.

The Hubble Dream+ Movement Monitor

The Dream+ Movement Monitor ($299) is a unique non-wearable sleep monitoring mat system that gives parents insights into baby’s breathing and heart rate. When paired with the HubbleClub app, parents can access the baby’s daily sleep patterns and support healthy sleep habits. The Dream+ camera unit features a nightlight, preloaded lullabies, soothing sounds, and bedtime stories, as well as a room temperature sensor and full HD live streaming via the HubbleClub app. Dream+ is available at Amazon, Babylist, buybuy Baby, and expanding to additional outlets soon.

The HubbleClub App: New Parenting Possibilities in the Palm of Your Hand

The company’s smart baby movement monitors all work seamlessly with the free HubbleClub app (available on iOS and Android), offering a host of opportunities for parents to care for, entertain, educate, and stay connected to their child from their smartphone. Through the app, parents can access additional information such as baby’s sleep routines, growth, development, nutrition, and overall well-being.



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